Friday, January 28, 2005

When Good Toys, Go Bad

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One thing about having a Goal list is that you really start to feel like you are achieving things. Because you can mark them off. I love lists, for just this reason.

I have noticed though that the things I want to do on the goal list are getting crossed off quicker.

For instance: Update Blog, make cookies for neighbor who just had baby, cut out giraffe for Cookie monster, instituting after dinner walks.

Are crossed off.

While finish study questions, clean bathroom, do laundry, are not.

But why focus on the negative? After dinner walks are quickly becoming a favorite with me, and especially with Jonah. After all Jonah needs fourteen walks a day so that he can pee on every blade of grass that may have grown while he was inside, or on the porch.

It is a nice time to spend with the Man, and Mr. Moo as well, winding down after eating. It is especially nice on the nights we drive Pixie home, we can just stop off at the Lake and walk. It really helps me to focus on The Man, and his day and our plans for the week, weekend, life.

I got the idea for after dinner walks from Susan at Finally Running one of the many running blogs I enjoy. Which brings me to another topic. My running blog. I have been feeling schizophrenic lately what with my running blog, home improvement blog and terrapin textiles, and after talking with some blogger buddies I'm going to combine my two main blogs.

So starting next week this blog will be Running Stitch, and you may see some running type stuff! Don't worry, running and quilting are what keep me sane and there will still be plenty of both....until I go crazy.

Later guys!

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  • Love the new name!

    I have had 'taking walks after dinner' (or anytime actually) on my mental to-do list for months! We eat so late in the evening though that it just hasn't happened yet.

    Anyway, need to get back to my softie. . .

    By Blogger two rabbits, at 1/30/2005 12:41:00 AM  

  • Hi Brit,
    I also share your habitual list-making tendencies. And sometimes I am so desperate for a sense of accomplishment, I will add things to my list that I have ALREADY done, just so I can CROSS THEM OUT and still have a visual reminder that yes, I have indeed done SOMEthing, and LOOK it's crossed out on the list! It may be cheating just a little, but it certainly helps.

    Have you ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (the one where they search for the grail)? Harrison Ford and Sean Connery a.k.a. Dr. Jones and Junior are escaping from the Nazis and Dr. Jones realizes he has to go to Berlin - the heart of Nazi territory - to retrieve his stolen holy grail diary. His son is amazed that his dad needs the diary back and that he cannot remember what he wrote in it. And his dad shot back, "That's why I wrote it down! So I wouldn't HAVE to remember!"

    What a great line! I totally relate - and THAT's why I make lists! It helps the mind on so many levels =)

    Anyway, just wanted to share. Looking forward to the combo blog. Now I'll happily be reading about TWO subjects I know nothing about! Makes a good break from all the Home Improvement blogs I frequent.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/02/2005 09:03:00 AM  

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