Monday, January 31, 2005

Christmas Tulips

This weekend we visited Ama and Poppa G. They live in Miniscule Town USA. Mr. Moo took a nap under this Christmas Tulip Quilt, it is actually a patterned piece of fabric that Ama liked a lot so she sandwiched it and quilted the thing. It is very snuggly.

Christmas Tulips Posted by Hello

Visiting gave me plenty of time to work on my current UFO, which I call Celtic Tulips. Celtic Tulips should be available for picture taking soon. I think I may combine it with my Spring Thing tulips, possibly for a baby quilt or just a wall hanging. I’m not really a wall hanging type girl but I’ll try it.

Well, it’s Monday Morning and I was hoping to hit the ground running on this newly titled and combined blog but I feel instead like I'm swimming in concrete. Having class Monday night seems to really cut down on my productivity. Plus this month is pretty much non-stop for me. This weekend I have my annual Winter Blues Quilting bee, and I haven’t finished my block for my own party yet!

The next weekend my sister is visiting from Philadelphia, and one of The Man’s cousins is having a baby shower, so Mr. Moo and I will be in Seattle all weekend, then next weekend, Mr. Moo turns ONE! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And Relatives from near and far will be converging here for festivities.

And the final weekend of this month is the Heart and Sole run. Sheesh. Well I should get cracking, because on top of all that, I have school and an exam tonight.

To round off this Tulip entry, I noticed this morning that either Crocuses or Tulips are popping their heads through the wet dirt in my garden!

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