Tuesday, February 08, 2005

After Dinner Walk

After Dinner Walk:

I really am enjoying after dinner walks with my family, I first read about walking after dinner on Susan’s site, and we have really embraced it. It’s more of a after dropping off Pixie Potter walk, but Jonah gets out of the house, and The Man and I get to talk and focus on each other, and our days.

My heel has been hurting me on runs, and started aching again tonight on our walk, but I’m excited because I finally ordered new shoes! Of course I’m a big dope and I ordered the wrong size.

For some reason the online store didn’t carry my size, I though this was weird, but apparently it was because the shoe was discontinued (I didn’t realize). So thinking I was smart I ordered the same shoe in Men’s. Only I calculated the size wrong. Yeah duh! So instead of 9.5 I ordered 11.5. So yeah, too big.

After this was pointed out to me, I called customer service today and they were super nice, and told me that the shoes were discontinued and now came in green/black.

I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR THE DARN SHOES ARE! JUST SEND ME SOME NEW ONES! Anyway we got it all figured out and now I’m waiting the 7-10 days for my new shoes to come.

Jonah the Dog’s Log
Balls started with:0
Balls lost on run:0
Balls found on run:0
Times counseled about tripping us with the leash: too many

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