Thursday, February 10, 2005

Porkopolis...its not just a vacation spot anymore!

After reading about the Flying Pig half marathon on Jon from Michigan's blog. My first thought was FLYING PIG HALF!

My second thought was......doesn't Kasmira live in Cinncinatti? What the heck are BEST FRIENDS FROM THE SEVENTH GRADE for if not to pick you up at the airport and let you sleep over in their muy chic, guest bedroom and then cheer you on to the finish line? Well that, and to tell you that cinncinatti used to be refered to as Porkopolis, because of all the pig packing plants.

That was fun to say.

Too bad I'm already registered for the Whidbey Island half in April. Actually that's fine, I have a year to talk The Man into flying to Cinncinatti. Maybe I'll even taken Kaz's little sis Pixie with me, after all both Pixie and I have birthdays in April. Happy Birthday to us!

I'm adding it to my list RIGHT NOW....for next year.

I had to link to a bunch of pictures because I don't know if I mentioned it but I CAN'T POST TO HELLO!

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