Monday, February 14, 2005

Recovery Day

Well, I missed International Desk Day (saturday) via tania, so here is what my desk looks like.

That's right, Nada. I'm doing nothing, except changing diapers. My sewing machine is retracted into the desk, and my sewing room is still a shambles. And with my mother, aunt, and uncle headed our way from New Jersey, to celebrate Mr. Moo's first birthday this weekend, I don't see construction taking top priority for a while.

I did manage to make this elephant, at my sister's this weekend, for a friend who just had a baby on Friday.

Mr. Moo and I are back from our whirlwind family adventure this weekend. And I am taking it easy, hanging in my bathrobe in front of the woodstove. The Man cleaned house while we were gone, so I feel like I have all this free time. I should be doing things like paying the bills, learning how to use Flickr..(still stumped) and getting dressed, but I’m soaking up the freedom of Mr. Moo napping. Which he DID NOT do all weekend. It is obviously time to start traveling with the Play Pen because he no longer falls asleep without the corral.

Saturday, Mr. Moo hung with Aunt Ren, after lunch with Great-Grandma Doris,

while Mama and Grandma went to a baby shower, then Sunday Aunt Ren, Mr. Moo and Mama visited some old friends and new baby at the hospital, then picked up Auntie Janelle, visiting from Philadelphia.

Aunt Ren and Mama went for a run on the treadmill because it was beyond disgusting in Redmond. 3miles in thirty minutes, but I don’t know how you all train on the treadmill, it was unbelievably difficult! But check out Marissa’s blog she ran a marathon this weekend….what a stud.

When we returned to the apartment, Mr. Moo had trashed it completely and Auntie Janelle looked like she had been hit by a truck, Mr. Moo is a handful for sure!

We arrived back home at 10pm to a very happy to see us Daddy.

No big plans for V-day here both The Man and I have class tonight *ugh* so Mr. Moo gets to spend his first Valentines date with Grandma and Grandpa.

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