Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Recovery

This morning's run was four miles, Lady J and I are planning to push it to a 10K this Wednesday, after all I have a half marathon in five weeks and her first 10K is coming up in May. Plus we know a route now! *smile*

In other running news, Diana or Running Chick in an Orange Hat who was the first running blog I followed is published in Runner's World. How Cool is that?! Yeah, she's bad.

Not much news in Running Stitch land, getting caught up on my blogs after this weekend, updating Heart and Sole website with run statistics, and chasing Mr. Moo around. He's learned to open drawers and throw things from the drawers at the same time. Fun.

In crafting news, another Month of Softies passes me by. Next Month! But I did enjoy re-reading Alice in Wonderland. I promise myself.

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