Wednesday, March 02, 2005

SIMS Update

I feel like Poop. Go ahead. Feel me. Poop.
Mr. Moo has had a cold since Monday, and I have splitting headache...It's raining and I want to go back to bed....but I have stuff to do.

On top of it all I'm depressed because I can't play SIMS. (note to the The Man, It's not that I would play SIMS instead of doing constructivethings) Just knowing that I can't play SIMS is enough to depress me.

A week ago, my stress levels hit all time high, with the Heart and Sole Run speeding toward me and The Man decided we needed a lovefest.

Not that kind of love fest Sheesh this is a family blog! And he bought me The Sims House Party expansion pact.

And it won't work, I haven't been able to get into my SIMS since I installed it and I can't figure out how to unistall it, it keeps re-installing itself.

What with this dilemna and not being able to manipulate WordPress, I am feeling like a real techno loser.

That is why I've decide that next week I'm using WordPress, no matter if it is super boring....and blue.

I will not be HELD DOWN by the smart geeks...I am not afraid to look stupid.


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  • i've seen that happen with other software packages. if you're running winxp there's a setting somewhere that allows the computer to recover it's previous state upon reboot. any uninstalled software will reinstall itself the computer starts back up. poke around the xp help and see if that works.

    By Blogger jeff, at 3/02/2005 03:48:00 PM  

  • You know that popular definition of insanity that its 'Doing the same thing repeatedly, while expecting a different result each time?'

    For some reason I tried repeatedly installing and uninstalling both the expansion pack and the original game installation, and, of course, re-booting repeatedly. For reasons known only to Win XP Pro, and EA Games, after about the seventh iteration of this behavior the game, with functioning expansion pack, suddenly decided to start working fine. Whatever works.

    By Blogger Scott in Washington, at 3/03/2005 11:44:00 AM  

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