Friday, March 04, 2005

Happy Face

That last post was such a downer! I turned on my computer and saw it and bummed myself out. So don't read the angst post if you don't wanna. Instead put on your happy face.

Here we are, all happy. After a walk.

Mr. Moo is now saying Jonah...which sounds a lot like Do Nah. And is barely distinquishable from his other baby talk other than it only had two syllables.

Doe doe doe doe doe.....Doe doe doe? Doe doe doe.

He also says Fish. Okay. He says Tch. But that doesn't sound anything like there you have it.

Still working on Mama, and Dada. But hey, we can identify the animals...

The day after this Wordpress debacle, I'm feeling good, it actually kind of relieves the pressure. I don't really understand the techno babble, and am having a hard time with it, whereas I do understand Blogger, and it is working fine, and I can still access my website....which is what is most important to me, because of the Heart and Sole Run

Speaking of runs, Lady J and I did a 3.5 miles this am, even though we both thought about walking for coffee....Friday is traditionally, walk to Starbucks day with the group we run/walk with. So Yeah us!

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