Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ps. SweetPea says she's got pictures.

No mileage today. I'm soooo foggy, my throat hurts and now my ear is plugged. If I feel better tomorrow I'll get up an run, in the meantime I'm gonna do pilates and eat chicken noodle soup! Hurray for The Man!

We are headed to Seattle for Easter weekend, which means I get to try out some new runs. I think I'll run here, because I can get some serious mileage in,(not 25 miles, that would be excessive) and this weekend's long run is nine miles....cold. cold. go away.....

I have to say that I have been seriously J-E-A-L-O-U-S of Keith, ever since he got his forerunner. It's one thing for the RBF peeps to have them, but for someone you know to get one, is just PAIN! What a joy to just run...any direction and get the correct mileage...because I totally suck at math, especially while running.

Here is a picture of my partner in crime helping me decide what clothes of his to pack for the weekend. Apparently he is going with all of them. At least all his shirts.

We already packed our bathing suits because I finallyremembered that there is a pool at Aunt Lauren's and we have TWO WHOLE days to spend there while she isn't home and so swimming it is!

Well, that and quilting, I'm cruizing on the Polar Bear Quilt and hope to have the top pieced by the time we leave tomorrow.

And finally in quilting news, here is a picture (of a picture, because the scanner's USB is malfunctioning great!) for Nadine, because I want her to knit me a pair of converse booties, (for my kid of course) because He loves booties (the feet kind). He likes to talk to them and carry them around in his mouth (yes I'm beginning to worry that he needs to socialize with people besides the dog.) So, here Nadine is a picture of the design that The Man told you about, it does kind of look like baseballs. It is hard, and difficult, and down right NOT EASY. This picture was taken before the rows were sewn together, and it was taken mostly so we didn't get confused on where the rows went.

I knew nothing about this pattern when a friend asked me to help her. I was like "sure!! I love quilting". Believe it or not this was a beginning class she had taken! It was a frustrating experience, so frustrating in fact that I don't have any finished pictures of the quilt. But looking back at the picture it does look cool. This pattern is also called axeheads, sometimes.

Anyway come over and we'll walk you through it (that was the royal we...I'm sick, and I feel woozy, that is different than wonky but I believe they are first cousins.

Besides I want to learn how to make those flannel rag quilts ...so we can trade.

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  • Burke Gilman trail is pretty rad. I run it pretty frequently because we usually stay at my grandpa Pitts' place in Ballard when we head Seattle-side. Word of wisdom: bring water. One day, I was feeling lazy after dropping off 'Talia and my Dad for their 100+ mile ride (STP). So, I went running on the Burke-Gilman. I went something like ten miles without finding a place to get a drop of water. Then I hit this tennis court with a ghetto fountain. Ahhh. Then I ran back (duh, great story Keith). It was one of those 95ºF and 100% humidity days too. Miserable. You would have thought they'd have a fountain or too along the thing. (They might now...)

    By Blogger KAP, at 3/23/2005 11:18:00 AM  

  • Oh, and the Forerunner kicks ass.If you are thinking of buying one, here are a few words of "wisdom". The only difference between the 101 and 201 is you can plug the 201 in to recharge. Woopity doo. For $50 or so more I think I can open up the back and stick new batteries in from time to time. The 301 is wacko-techy: altimeter, heart rate monitor, all that, but you'd have to refinance the house to buy one.

    By Blogger KAP, at 3/23/2005 11:21:00 AM  

  • aiiiaiaeeyy!!! the burke gilman trail is wonderful!

    i'd highly recommend driving over to marymoore park and starting there. you get to run along the slough (lots of birdies and stuff out and about) and there's bathrooms and water at the start. and mr. man can entertain mr. moo at the park while you run.

    and the forerunner? i love mine. but i'm on my third unit. first one had a bad charger, second one had faulty buttons, and now this one just died the faulty button death and it's being replaced. i'll sell you my replacement 201 for a pittance so i can upgrade to a 301...

    By Blogger jeff, at 3/23/2005 12:41:00 PM  

  • You've got a deal! I don't know that I want to attempt the axehead yet-still working my way around the beginner quilts. But I would love to trade some machine quilting help & advice for some Converse Booties. The Rag time seems to be easier so far as you quilt each block before it goes together. I'll let you know how it goes together, that may be a different story. Nice blog! I enjoy keeping up. Makes me have faith that one can really be a working mom, wife, student, quilter, runner, blogger; and live to tell about it.

    By Anonymous Nade, at 3/23/2005 02:03:00 PM  

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